Ana Carolina E. S. Lima

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Social media allow web users to create and share content pertaining to different subjects, exposing their activities, opinions, feelings and thoughts. In this context, online social media has attracted the interest of data scientists seeking to understand behaviours and trends, whilst collecting statistics for social sites. One potential application for(More)
The current scenario of worldwide exponential increase in river impoundment (dams) and the compounded effects of climate change are among the most important threats to freshwater ecosystems. The sharp decline in the biodiversity of impacted rivers demands the enhancement of available tools for biomonitoring and improved approaches for informing(More)
In contrast to the fast-paced dam construction and river ecosystem alteration which is taking place in the neotropics, ecological knowledge about the effects on fish fauna are still scarce. To contribute with knowledge on the effects of damming on fish fauna, we assessed the response of fish assemblages to the construction of a run-of-the-river dam in an(More)
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