Ana C. Matos

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Bovine vaccinia (BV) is a zoonosis caused by Vaccinia virus (VACV) that affects dairy cattle and milkers, causing economic losses and impacting animal and human health. Based on the clinical presentation, BV appears to be a localized disease, with lesions restricted to the skin of affected individuals. However, there are no studies on the pathogenesis of(More)
Bovine vaccinia (BV), a zoonosis caused by Vaccinia virus (VACV), affects dairy cattle and milkers, causing economic, veterinary and human health impacts. Despite such impacts, there are no experimental studies about the pathogenesis of BV in cows to assess whether there is a systemic spread of the virus and whether there are different ways of VACV(More)
In this paper, we shall emphasize the role played by error estimates and annihilation diierence operators in the construction of extrapolations processes. It is showed that this approach leads to a uniied derivation of many extrapolation algorithms and related devices, to general results about their kernels and that it opens the way to many new algorithms.(More)
In order to reduce the Gibbs phenomenon exhibited by the partial Fourier sums of a periodic function f , defined on [−π, π], discontinuous at 0, Driscoll and Fornberg considered so-called singular Fourier-Padé approximants constructed from the Hermite-Padé approximants of the system of functions (1, g 1 (z), g 2 (z)), where g 1 (z) = log(1 − z) and g 2 (z)(More)
The aim of this paper is the study of the kernel and acceleration properties of sequence transformations of the form T n = L(S n =D n)=L(1=D n) , where (S n) is the sequence for which we want to compute the limit, (D n) is an error estimate and L is a linear diierence operator. We will obtain those properties for diierent classes of operators L and we will(More)
Antibiotic-loaded acrylic bone cements (ALABCs) are well-established and cost-effective materials to control the occurrence of bone and joint infections. However, the inexistence of alternative antibiotics other than those already commercially available and the poor ability to bind to bone tissue hampering its biological function are still major drawbacks(More)