Ana Célia Castro

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The state reforms that took place in the 1990s did not have as objective to reduce the state to a minimum, but to rebuild and make the state more efficient. The role of the state redefinition has as criterion the concepts of: 'exclusive activities of the state " , that involve state power; the social and scientific activities, that the state is supposed to(More)
The introduction of technological innovations is induced by changes in product and factor markets to which firms cannot adjust by means of changes in a given technical space, because of limited information, localized knowledge and irreversibility of tangible and intangible production factors. Firms can counteract the decline in their performance and the(More)
Obesity and type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2D) are two major public health problems that have motivated the scientific community to investigate the high contribution of genetic factors to these disorders. The peroxisome proliferator activated by gamma 2 (PPARγ2) plays an important role in the lipid metabolism. Since PPARγ2 is expressed mainly in adipose tissue,(More)
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