Ana Belén Moreno

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This work compares systematically two optical flow-based facial expression recognition methods. The first one is featural and selects a reduced set of highly discriminant facial points while the second one is holistic and uses much more points that are uniformly distributed on the central face region. Both approaches are referred as feature point tracking(More)
Automatic face recognition is becoming increasingly important due to the security applications derived from it. Although the face recognition problem has focused on 2D images, recently , due to the proliferation of 3D scanning hardware, 3D face recognition has become a feasible application. This 3D approach do not use the colour of the faces, so, when it is(More)
Methods of numerical integration of sampled data are compared in terms of their frequency responses and resolving power. Compared, theoretically and by numerical experiments, are trapezoidal, Simpson, Simpson-3/8 methods, method based on cubic spline data interpolation and Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) based method. Boundary effects associated with DFT-(More)
In this paper we show the possibility of using wavelets and wavelet packets to detect and characterize alarm signals produced by termites. A set of synthetics have been modelled by mixing the real acquired transients with computer generated noise processes. Identification has been performed by means of analyzing the impulse responses of three sensors(More)
Applications related to game technology, law-enforcement, security, medicine or biometrics are becoming increasingly important, which, combined with the proliferation of three-dimensional (3D) scanning hardware, have made that 3D face recognition is now becoming a promising and feasible alternative to 2D face methods. The main advantage of 3D data, when(More)