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There is an ever-increasing demand for high quality forage legumes, essential to feed livestock. Micropropagation may be useful to preserve elite allelic compositions in allogamous and auto-incompatible forage legume species, as is the case of Trifolium resupinatum L. (Persian clover). Etiolation-like phenotypes in in vitro cultured plants, with long weak(More)
A series of pirlindole analogues were tested as inhibitors of monoamine oxidase A and B. Although we did not find strict dependence between 3D-size of molecules and their inhibitory potency, rigid analogues exhibited potent and selective inhibition of MAO-A. They have 3D size limits of 13 angstroms (length) x 7 angstroms (height) x 4.4 angstroms (widths).(More)
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