Ana Alves

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This document details the design and development of Umbra, an installation-based game that makes use of a semi-transparent screen projected upon from both sides. The setup enables players to be represented in-game via their shadows, instead of avatars. This document discusses the design of Umbra and how its shadow-as-avatar mechanics advance the gaming(More)
Stroke rehabilitation is far from meeting patient needs in terms of timing, intensity and quality. This study evaluates the efficacy and safety of an innovative technological tool, combining 3D motion analysis with targeted vibratory feedback, on upper-limb task performance early poststroke (<4 weeks). The study design was a two-sequence, two-period,(More)
Acknowledgements I wish to thank, above all, my coordinator Professor Luís Veiga, for putting up with my inconstant availability and news. His motivation, empathy and knowledge were indispensible for the successful elaboration for this work. I'd also like to thank my family and friends for all their support during all this time. In particular I wish to(More)
5 Conclusions 45 iv CONTENTS Chapter 1 Introduction This document shows how to use the ProM tool to answer some of the common questions that managers have about processes in organizations. The questions are listed in Section 1.1. To answer these questions, we use the process mining plug-ins supported in the ProM tool. This tool is open-source and can be(More)
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