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José Carlos Rodrigues2
Eduardo Leal Oliveira Camargo2
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2José Carlos Rodrigues
2Eduardo Leal Oliveira Camargo
2Marcela Mendes Salazar
2Gonçalo Amarante Guimarães Pereira
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Despite the ecological and economic importance of lignin and other wood chemical components, there are few studies of the natural genetic variation that exists within plant species and its adaptive significance. We used models developed from near infra-red spectroscopy to study natural genetic variation in lignin content and monomer composition(More)
  • Marcela Mendes Salazar, Adriana Grandis, Sivakumar Pattathil, Jorge Lepikson Neto, Eduardo Leal Oliveira Camargo, Ana Alves +6 others
  • 2016
The architecture, composition, and chemical properties of wood cell walls have a direct influence on the process that occurs prior to fermentation in second-generation biofuel production. The understanding of the construction patterns of cell wall types is the key to the new era of second-generation biofuels. Eucalyptus species are great candidates for this(More)
Semantic data regarding points of interest in urban areas are hard to visualize. Due to the high number of points and categories they belong, as well as the associated tex-tual information, maps become heavily cluttered and hard to read. Using traditional visualization techniques (e.g. dot distribution maps, typographic maps) partially solve this problem.(More)
  • Vítor Tedim Cruz, Virgílio Bento, Luís Ruano, David Dieteren Ribeiro, Luís Fontão, Cátia Mateus +7 others
  • 2014
Stroke rehabilitation is far from meeting patient needs in terms of timing, intensity and quality. This study evaluates the efficacy and safety of an innovative technological tool, combining 3D motion analysis with targeted vibratory feedback, on upper-limb task performance early poststroke (<4 weeks). The study design was a two-sequence, two-period,(More)
  • Eduardo Leal Oliveira Camargo, Leandro Costa Nascimento, Marçal Soler, Marcela Mendes Salazar, Jorge Lepikson-Neto, Wesley Leoricy Marques +9 others
  • 2014
Nitrogen (N) is a main nutrient required for tree growth and biomass accumulation. In this study, we analyzed the effects of contrasting nitrogen fertilization treatments on the phenotypes of fast growing Eucalyptus hybrids (E. urophylla x E. grandis) with a special focus on xylem secondary cell walls and global gene expression patterns. Histological(More)
This document details the design and development of Umbra, an installation-based game that makes use of a semi-transparent screen projected upon from both sides. The setup enables players to be represented in-game via their shadows, instead of avatars. This document discusses the design of Umbra and how its shadow-as-avatar mechanics advance the gaming(More)
Wood density is defined as the ratio of mass to volume and therefore in principle it should be possible to calculate a unique partial least squares regression (PLS-R) model for several species. PLS-R models for wood density based on X-ray microdensity data were calculated for each species Pinus pinaster and Larix × eurolepis and for both species together.(More)
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