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This paper reports the use of podcasts in blended-learning at the University of Minho, in Portugal. Six lecturers created their own podcasts with different purposes in order to support their undergraduate and graduate courses and their students' (n=318) learning. The reported study belongs to a broader project about the impact of podcasts in(More)
This paper presents results from a survey conducted in 2013 in Portugal to students from 5th grade (10 years) to University Students (Master's degree). The sample included 2303 subjects, 1273 male and 1030 female. The results show the five most mentioned games according to student's grade level and gender, emphasizing the similarities and differences.(More)
This paper reports the training of 56 Teachers in ICT and Education Course. This course included one week face-to-face and seven weeks in distance learning. Students developed several ICT competencies during theses weeks, reporting its use in their classes. A characterization of the subjects' digital literacy is presented, as well as their participation in(More)
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