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This paper reports the use of podcasts in blended-learning at the University of Minho, in Portugal. Six lecturers created their own podcasts with different purposes in order to support their undergraduate and graduate courses and their students' (n=318) learning. The reported study belongs to a broader project about the impact of podcasts in(More)
This paper reports the training of 56 Teachers in ICT and Education Course. This course included one week face-to-face and seven weeks in distance learning. Students developed several ICT competencies during theses weeks, reporting its use in their classes. A characterization of the subjects' digital literacy is presented, as well as their participation in(More)
Most students don't like reading in a foreign language. They find it a difficult task, mainly due to the high number of unknown words they encounter when reading a text. They consider reading classes boring and uninteresting and as a result our students are poor readers. Concerned with this situation, we conducted a study on the impact of a learning(More)
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