Ana Íris Mendes Coelho

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The reactivity, cytotoxic studies and hydrolytic behaviour of diamine bis(phenolate) titanium complexes are reported. The reactions of [Ti((tBu2)O2NN')Cl]2(μ-O) (1) with LiO(I)Pr or HO(I)Pr in the presence of NEt3, aiming at the synthesis of the alkoxido derivative of 1 led to no reaction or to the synthesis of the monomeric complex(More)
[VCl3(THF)3] reacted with the sodium salt of a tripodal diamine bisphenolate ligand precursor Na2L2 to give a paramagnetic d2 complex [V(L2)Cl] (2). The reaction of 2 with oxygen is strongly dependent on the experimental conditions, affording [VO(L2)Cl] (6) or [V(η2-O2)(L2)Cl] (7). The formation of 7 involves the direct addition of O2 to V(iii) in the solid(More)
The confirmation that Bacillus cereus is a microorganism that represents a special problem in food processing plants, such as university cafeterias, inspired this work, the scope of which was to evaluate the risks consumers are exposed to by identifying the contamination points from whence the microorganism can be transferred on to food. The presence of B.(More)
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