Anaïs Soula

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We investigated whether microRNAs could regulate AMPA receptor expression during activity blockade. miR-92a strongly repressed the translation of GluA1 receptors by binding the 3' untranslated region of rat GluA1 (also known as Gria1) mRNA and was downregulated in rat hippocampal neurons after treatment with tetrodotoxin and AP5. Deleting the seed region in(More)
The conditions of a rapid, indirect-enzyme linked immunosorbent assay for Infectious Bronchitis Virus (IBV) antibodies have been established. Optimal sensitivity was obtained using 10 µg/ml protein concentration of the Mass 41 strain purified from infected allantoic fluid. Specificity was demonstrated with Newcastle Disease Virus (NDV) antigen-antibody(More)
Purified influenza virus contains ribonuclease activity. The enzyme does not hydrolyze viral RNA but both 28 S and 18 S host cell RNA are degraded forming large (about 16 S) and small (about 5 S) fragments with the release of the acid-soluble material. It has an optimum temperature of 37 degrees C, requires no divalent ions, and is inhibited by 0.1 M EDTA(More)
The immunofluorescence technique allowed the study of the structural components of adenovirus 5, by using the antisera prepared against the capsidal proteins early after infection. In fixed cells, fluorescent dots were detected at the cell surface with antibodies directed against adenovirus 5 particles, hexons, pentons or fibers immediately after adsorption(More)
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