Anaïs Rassat

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A high-performance liquid chromatographic (HPLC) assay method for C60 fullerene, in blood, liver and spleen using photodiode-array detection or mass spectrometric detection (LC-MS) and C70 fullerene, as the internal standard, is described. The recovery from mouse blood and tissues spiked with micronized C60 exceeds 90%. The method is linear from 0.05 to 200(More)
We present the reconstructed real-space density and the predicted velocity fields from the Two Mass Redshift Survey (2MRS). The 2MRS is the densest all-sky redshift survey to date and includes about 23,200 galaxies with extinction corrected magnitudes brighter than Ks = 11.25. Our method is based on the expansion of these fields in Fourier-Bessel functions.(More)
We estimate the acceleration on the Local Group (LG) from the 2 Micron All-Sky Redshift Survey (2MRS). The sample used includes about 23 200 galaxies with extinction-corrected magnitudes brighter than K s = 11.25 and it allows us to calculate the flux-weighted dipole. The near-infrared flux-weighted dipoles are very robust because they closely approximate a(More)
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