Anaëlle Pierre

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A monkey can pursue faster target oscillations if they appear during ongoing smooth pursuit than if they appear while the monkey is fixating a stationary target. Others have proposed a switch in the pursuit circuit to account for this bistable sensitivity to high frequency targets. It is hypothesized that the switch is closed only during pursuit, permitting(More)
The orientation of cell division along the long axis of the interphase cell--the century-old Hertwig's rule--has profound roles in tissue proliferation, morphogenesis, architecture and mechanics. In epithelial tissues, the shape of the interphase cell is influenced by cell adhesion, mechanical stress, neighbour topology, and planar polarity pathways. At(More)
The assembly of actin monomers into filaments and networks plays vital roles throughout eukaryotic biology, including intracellular transport, cell motility, cell division, determining cellular shape, and providing cells with mechanical strength. The regulation of actin assembly and modulation of filament mechanical properties are critical for proper actin(More)
1. Neural pathology which impairs foveal smooth pursuit eye movements typically also degrades optokinetic pursuit of large textures, suggesting that the two kinds of pursuit share a common circuit. This study reports an exception. After sequential bilateral ablation of the pursuit area in the frontal lobe three monkeys displayed degraded pursuit of a small(More)
The contractile and enzymatic activities of myosin VI are regulated by calcium binding to associated calmodulin (CaM) light chains. We have used transient phosphorescence anisotropy to monitor the microsecond rotational dynamics of erythrosin-iodoacetamide-labeled actin with strongly bound myosin VI (MVI) and to evaluate the effect of MVI-bound CaM light(More)
Life for all animals starts with a precise 3D choreography of reductive divisions of the fertilized egg, known as cleavage patterns. These patterns exhibit conserved geometrical features and striking interspecies invariance within certain animal classes. To identify the generic rules that may govern these morphogenetic events, we developed a 3D-modeling(More)
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