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AIM To develop a combined population pharmacokinetic model (PPK) to assess the magnitude and variability of exposure to both clozapine and its primary metabolite norclozapine in Chinese patients with refractory schizophrenia via sparse sampling with a focus on the effects of covariates on the pharmacokinetic parameters. METHODS Relevant patient(More)
The risperidone maintenance treatment in schizophrenia study was designed to identify the duration of maintenance treatment required with an initial therapeutic dose in contrast to reducing the dose over time. This study investigated extrapyramidal symptoms (EPSs) in different risperidone maintenance treatment paradigms over 1 year. Clinically stabilized(More)
In this study, we aimed to determine the influence of various types of childhood trauma (CT) on cognitive functions in Chinese patients presented with schizophrenia. One hundred sixty-two patients were assessed with the Childhood Trauma Questionnaire-Short Form (CTQ-SF) and Repeatable Battery for the Assessment of Neuropsychological Status (RBANS). We(More)
BACKGROUND The pharmacokinetics of milnacipran have been studied in Caucasian subjects but not in Chinese subjects. METHODS This single-center, open-label study evaluated the pharmacokinetics and safety of oral milnacipran administered as a randomized, three-way crossover, single-dose (25, 50 and 100 mg) and in multiple doses for 8 days (up to 100 mg/day(More)
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