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Glass has been obtained by melting red mud from Shandong Province in China with different additives. Suitable thermal treatments were employed to convert the obtained glass into nano-crystal glass-ceramics. X-ray diffraction (XRD) patterns showed that the main crystalline phase in both the glass-ceramics is wollastonite (CaSiO3). These crystals are(More)
BACKGROUND Heavy drinking can increase heart rate and blood glucose, induce hypoxic tolerance, impair brain cognitive functions, and alter gene expressions. These phenomena may occur even in response to small dose of ethanol exposure or during its withdrawal. OBJECTIVES To evaluate whether persistent low concentrations of ethanol exposure affect organism(More)
BACKGROUND Pain is common in men undergoing rigid cystoscopy. Even with the application of a lubricant containing 2 % lidocaine, about 76 % of men suffer from mild to severe pain when undergoing rigid cystoscopy. The most painful part of the procedure for men is when the cystoscope passes through the membranous urethra. Song et al. (Neurourol Urodyn(More)
Propofol is multiple influences on organism function that could affect gene expressions of ion channels, cause arhythmia, impair brain cognitive functions, inhibit energy metabolism and increase hypoxic tolerance. To evaluate whether these phenomena might still exist in persistent low concentration of propofol exposure. We investigated changes in the mRNA(More)
Objective To establish a Daphnia model of alloxan-induced diabetes. Methods Daphnia were exposed to three different concentrations of alloxan (3, 5, and 10 mmol/L) for 30 minutes. Blood glucose and survival rate were recorded for 72 hours after alloxan insult. Sequence analysis and phylogenetic inference for glucose transporters (GLUT) were clustered with(More)
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