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Negotiation Model of Design Optimization Profit Distribution with Fairness Concerns in Construction Projects
The experimental scenarios results show that the appropriate behavior of fairness concerns by the two negotiators is valuable in improving their own advantages, which may lead to an increase in the negotiation cycle, which is not beneficial in attaining optimization.
Immersive Experience-based Cooperative Interaction for Computer Assembly Guidance
This paper proposes a scenario-interactive computer assembly guidance system, in which virtual computer parts are modeled by 3D modeling software, and assembly virtual scene is built by virtual
Virtual Engine-based Strategic workflow for Role Play Game “Homeland Defence”
This paper proposes a strategic workflow which had been utilized for our own Role Play Game (RPG) “Homeland Defence”. Inside the workflow, the light-weight data container provided by virtual engine
Virtual simulation experiment for design and manufacturing of beer bottle defect detection system
Background Machine learning-based actual beer bottle defect detection is a complex technology which does not only run automatically with a large memory but also spend expensive cost with a certain
Simulation of Three-axis Off-road Vehicle Ride Comfort and Travel-ability
The model of simulation of three-axis off-road vehicle is established for a study on ride comfort.It is carried out under the different velocities in the C and D class random roads which are built by
The Experimental Modal Analysis of a Vehicle Radar Bracket's Inherent Characteristics
The radar bracket of a vehicle was analyzed by using hammer method and five-order radar bracket order natural frequency and dampimg ratio of five-order mode were obtained.According to experimental
A Fast Computer Graphics to FE Model and A Hidden Line Algorithm
The computer display of twoorthree dimensional finite element mesh and an efficient hidden line algorithm for a model with various elements is introduced, which requires minimal computer memory space.