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High plasma copeptin level has been associated with one-month mortality after traumatic brain injury. However, not much is known regarding its relation with long-term outcome. Thus, we investigated the ability of copeptin to predict 1-year outcome in patients with traumatic brain injury. One hundred and six healthy controls and 106 patients with acute(More)
Higher plasma visfatin concentration has been associated with clinical outcomes of traumatic brain injury. No published information exists to date about change in plasma visfatin after intracerebral hemorrhage. This study included one hundred and twenty-eight healthy controls and 128 patients with intracerebral hemorrhage. The unfavorable outcome was(More)
Gustatory stimuli are detected by taste buds and transmitted to the hindbrain via sensory afferent neurons. Whether each taste quality (sweet, bitter and so on) is encoded by separate neurons ('labelled lines') remains controversial. We used mice expressing GCaMP3 in geniculate ganglion sensory neurons to investigate taste-evoked activity. Using confocal(More)
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