An-Ti Chiang

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Global routing is a fundamental problem in VLSI physical design in which approximate paths for the interconnect (wires) of a circuit are decided. In this paper, a fast, order-free global routing technique is proposed by formulating the global routing problem as an integer linear programming (ILP) problem. A small set of high quality trees, in terms of(More)
Since the 3D coding and transmission standard is not available nowadays, we need to transfer the 3D contents through the existing coding standards. To achieve this, the most common way is to combine both left and right eye frames into one single frame, which is the so-called stereo packing. So far, there are many packing methods and each of them has(More)
In most of the traffic safety studies, both the identification of high-risk locations and the assessment of safety improvement solutions are done through the use of historical crash data. This study proposes an alternative approach that makes use of traffic conflicts extracted from traffic video recordings for safety assessment. State-of-the-art computer(More)
Many of the archival sports broadcast videos do not have the luxury of rich metainfo of the sports (e.g. player statistics, informative player profile, supplementary field info, and etc.) available for enhancing the viewing experiences to the level what we see on TV now. To tackle this shortcoming, in this paper we propose an automatic annotation system for(More)
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