An Thuy Nguyen

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Virtual machine (VM) migration has recently emerged as a potential tool to improve the performance, cost and fault tolerance of data centers. However, migrating VMs requires more hardware resources to reserve target slots during the migration. A large number of simultaneous migrations can exhaust the physical resources of a data center. Consequently, the(More)
Silicon quantum dots (Si-QDs) represent a well-known QD fluorophore that can emit throughout the visible spectrum depending on the interface structure and surface functional group. Detection of nitroaromatic compounds by monitoring the luminescence response of the sensor material (typically fluorescent polymers) currently forms the basis of new explosives(More)
Recently, the strict investment in healthcare domain achieves the professional quality and convenient demands of customers. Especially, with the rapid growth of modern high technology, healthcare is providing many kinds of services for patients. One of those is mobile healthcare that is the integration of mobile computing and health monitoring. By using(More)
This paper presents a low cost process for fabrication of high efficiency silicon-based solar cells from front side ARC patterning through contact line metallization. This process utilizes a screen printable etch resist to define the contact pattern and a wet etching solution to remove the exposed ARC layer. The metallization stack for the contact line(More)
The phase response of a commercial saturable absorber based on semiconductor quantum wells embedded in a resonant cavity is investigated. The nonlinear absorption change is accompanied by a variation of the spectral phase characteristic. Also, a nonlinear change in the refractive index of the material, induced by the modified carrier density, produces a(More)
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