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INTRODUCTION Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a complex and clinically heterogeneous autoimmune disease. Currently, the relationship between pathogenic molecular drivers of disease in RA and therapeutic response is poorly understood. METHODS We analyzed synovial tissue samples from two RA cohorts of 49 and 20 patients using a combination of global gene(More)
We present a complete and practical analytical model for the IEEE 802.11-based multi-hop wireless networks. The features of our model are that it first takes into account the realistic problems both from the physical and MAC (Media Access Control) layers in multi-hop wireless networks, including packet collisions, neighboring interference, hidden node(More)
To interpret pharmacokinetic (PK) data of biotherapeutics, it is critical to understand which drug species is being measured by the PK assay. For therapeutic antibodies, it is generally accepted that "free" circulating antibodies are the pharmacologically active form needed to determine the PK/pharmacodynamic (PD) relationship, safety margin calculations,(More)
  • Fucai Wang,haitao Zhao, An Song, Chunguang Shi
  • 2011
— In wireless Ad hoc networks, using multi-channel technique on MAC layer to increase the network capacity is a promising technology. By extending the RTS/CTS mechanism of IEEE802.11 standard, we propose a busy tone-based multi-channel MAC protocol, which can significantly improve the network throughput by using busy tone to distribute the multiple channels(More)
Host cell proteins are manufacturing process-related impurities that may co-purify with the product despite extensive efforts to optimize the purification process. The risks associated with these impurities can vary and may be patient and/or therapeutic dependent. Therefore, it is critical to monitor and control the levels of these impurities in products(More)
—This article unified BP neural network with the computation hydrodynamics to carry on the research of hydraulic manifold block interior combined flow channel's resistance characteristic. The numerical method confirmed that the input parameter of combined flow channel model has the influence to the pressure drop, according to this, the BP neural network(More)
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