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A personal identity management system based on RFID is widely used in attendance checking. This system is used for keeping the record of staff's of attendance quickly and automatically and the relevant data supplied to faculty staff to look up, which saves a lot of class time to sing upon. This paper introduces the basic function and component of class(More)
We propose a full-duplex MIMO wireless communication system where simultaneous bidirectional communication in the same band is obtained via cancellation of the self-interfering signal. In this paper, first of all, we review the three mechanisms for self-interference cancellation in the full-duplex system, i.e., Antenna cancellation, analog domain(More)
  • An Peng
  • 2010
1553B bus node needs to be converted for the data transfer of other buses. Gigabit Ethernet is built on the Ethernet standard technology. It has the advantages of fast communications, strong adaptability, so it can serve as a 1553B bus data transmission channel. The 1553B bus protocol is introduced and analyzed, including data link layer, physical layer,(More)
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