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OBJECTIVE We investigated the role of a symptom interpretation frame on the accuracy of interoception and on retrospective symptom reporting in nonclinical high and low reporters of medically unexplained symptoms. METHODS All participants (N=74) went through two subsequent trials of the Rebreathing Test, inducing altered respiration and other physical(More)
Data are presented for 7 women, each having two IUDs in utero. Five of these patients developed symptoms of abnormal bleeding and/or pelvic pain and 2 were asymptomatic. Three women had received the second IUD because it was assumed the first one had been expelled when the filaments were no longer palpable or visible. Other causes, as well as the(More)
The Copper T(TCu) intrauterine contraceptive device (IUD) has been found to be an effective method of contraception but has the disadvantage of needing periodic replacement due to loss of copper through dissolution and fragmentation of the copper wire. Modification of the Copper T to overcome this disadvantage involved substitution of copper sleeves for(More)
In a study of 100 patients with missing IUD strings 69 women had their IUD in utero (4 were pregnant) and 17 had unnoticed expulsions (4 pregnancies); 9 devices were in the peritoneal cavity and one had perforated the cervix. Since the IUD was in the uterine cavity in the majority of these cases, most contraceptors whose IUD strings disappear can be managed(More)
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