An Luo

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Uniparental transcripts during embryogenesis may arise due to gamete delivery during fertilization or genomic imprinting. Such transcripts have been found in a number of plant species and appear critical for the early development of embryo or endosperm in seeds. Although the regulatory expression mechanism and function of these genes in embryogenesis(More)
BACKGROUND In animals, early embryonic development is largely dependent on maternal transcripts synthesized during gametogenesis. However, in higher plants, the extent of maternal control over zygote development and early embryogenesis is not fully understood yet. Nothing is known about the activity of the parental genomes during seed formation of(More)
Maternal gene products deposited in the egg regulate early embryogenesis before activation of the embryonic genome in animals. While in higher plants, it is believed that genes of parental origin contribute to early embryogenesis. However, little is known regarding the particular processes in which genes of parental origin are involved during early(More)
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