An-Liang Wang

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Low cost, high activity, and long-term durability are the main requirements for commercializing fuel cell electrocatalysts. Despite tremendous efforts, developing non-Pt anode electrocatalysts with high activity and long-term durability at low cost remains a significant technical challenge. Here we report a new type of hybrid Pd/PANI/Pd sandwich-structured(More)
PdCo nanotube arrays (NTAs) supported on carbon fiber cloth (CFC) (PdCo NTAs/CFC) are presented as high-performance flexible electrocatalysts for ethanol oxidation. The fabricated flexible PdCo NTAs/CFC exhibits significantly improved electrocatalytic activity and durability compared with Pd NTAs/CFC and commercial Pd/C catalysts. Most importantly, the PdCo(More)
Porous Pt-Ni-P composite nanotube arrays (NTAs) on a conductive substrate in good solid contact are successfully synthesized via template-assisted electrodeposition and show high electrochemical activity and long-term stability for methanol electrooxidation. Hollow nanotubular structures, porous nanostructures, and synergistic electronic effects of various(More)
Hierarchical alloy nanosheet dendrites (ANSDs) are highly favorable for superior catalytic performance and efficient utilization of catalyst because of the special characteristics of alloys, nanosheets, and dendritic nanostructures. In this paper, we demonstrate for the first time a facile and efficient electrodeposition approach for the controllable(More)
Inspired by the unique properties of ultrathin 2D nanomaterials and excellent catalytic activities of noble metal nanostructures for renewable fuel cells, a facile method is reported for the high-yield synthesis of ultrathin 2D PdCu alloy nanosheets under mild conditions. Impressively, the obtained PdCu alloy nanosheet after being treated with(More)
Herein, NixFe1-xOOH/NiFe/NixFe1-xOOH sandwich-structured nanotube arrays (SNTAs) supported on carbon fiber cloth (CFC) (NixFe1-xOOH/NiFe/NixFe1-xOOH SNTAs-CFC) have been developed as flexible high-performance oxygen evolution reaction (OER) catalysts by a facile in situ electrochemical oxidation of NiFe metallic alloy nanotube arrays during oxygen evolution(More)
Two-dimensional (2D) organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite nanosheets (NSs) are attracting increasing research interest due to their unique properties and promising applications. Here, for the first time, we report the facile synthesis of single- and few-layer free-standing phenylethylammonium lead halide perovskite NSs, that is, (PEA)2 PbX4 (PEA=C8 H9 NH3 ,(More)
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