An-Jing Chen

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We report the discovery of a new CRF2 receptor splice isoform found in human brain, which we have termed the CRF2gamma receptor. The CRF2gamma cDNA encodes for a 397-amino acid receptor that has an amino terminus with no significant homology to the already reported alpha- and beta-termini. When expressed in 293-EBNA (Epstein-Barr nuclear antigen) cells, the(More)
Plants and invertebrates can suppress viral infection through RNA silencing, mediated by RNA-induced silencing complex (RISC). Trans-activation response RNA-binding protein (TRBP), consisting of three double-stranded RNA-binding domains, is a component of the RISC. In our previous paper, a TRBP homologue in Fenneropenaeus chinensis (Fc-TRBP) was reported to(More)
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