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Comparition and analysis of 16S rDNA fragment of phytoplasma of wheat blue dwarf
Homology ana-lysis of nucleotide se-quences showed that the amplified 16S rDNA fragment from WBD was closely related to those of clover phyllody(CPh),aster yellows(AY),hydrangea Phyllody (HP),blueberry stunt (BBS), blueberry stunt and tomato big bud (TBB), with homology rate 99.2%-99.9%. Expand
Determination of the Titres of AcNPV-CarE with Quantitative PCR and Optimization of the Conditions for Esterase Expression in vitro
The results showed that the P3 and P4 stocks had high titres and could be used to infect Sf9 cells with an MOI of 2 and a cell density of 3×106 cell/mL to produce the maximum yields of native CarE protein when the cells were harvested after two days' infection. Expand
Verification of microbial methodology for three kinds of Chinese patent drug
Objective To Estabilish the mothod of microbial limit tests for three kinds of Chinese patent drug.Methods Routine method,medium diluting method,membrane filtration method were adopted for theExpand
Host range testing and RFLP analysis of wheat blue dwarf phytoplasma
Restriction fragment length polymorphism(RFLP)analysis of Nested-PCR products of 16S rDNA with six special restriction enzymes revealed that most of the digestion patterns by restriction endonucleases coincided with those of Aster yellows(AY)phytoplasma, which belong to the same 16Sr I group phy toplasma. Expand