An-Emmie Nieman

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Cytokines have been proposed as inducers of beta-cell damage in human insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus via the generation of nitric oxide (NO). This concept is mostly based on data obtained in rodent pancreatic islets using heterologous cytokine preparations. The present study examined whether exposure of human pancreatic islets to different cytokines(More)
A 20 year-old healthy female volunteer participated in a clinical Phase I and IIa safety and efficacy trial with candidate malaria vaccine Pf LSA-3-rec adjuvanted with aluminium hydroxide. Eleven weeks after the third and last immunization she was experimentally infected by bites of Plasmodium falciparum- infected mosquitoes. When the thick blood smear(More)
The correct selection of individuals who will benefit from iron supplements in malaria-endemic regions requires improved insight in the effects of malaria on host iron homeostasis and innovative biomarkers. We assessed sequential changes in serum hepcidin and in traditional biochemical iron status indicators during an experimental Plasmodium falciparum(More)
Thrombocytopenia develops early in malaria, but the underlying mechanisms remain incompletely understood. We studied the aetiology of malaria-associated thrombocytopenia in volunteers experimentally infected with Plasmodium falciparum malaria, in Indonesian malaria patients and in ex vivo studies. In experimental human malaria, the decrease in platelet(More)
We describe a 12-year-old anorectic girl with Bordetella holmesii meningitis, the techniques used for its identification, and minimum inhibitory concentrations of antibiotics for 7 B. Holmesii strains collected in the Netherlands during the past 12 years. B. holmesii meningitis has not been previously reported.
BACKGROUND Rapid diagnosis and appropriate antimicrobial therapy are of major importance to decrease morbidity and mortality in patients with blood stream infections (BSI). Blood culture, the current gold standard for detecting bacteria in blood, requires at least 24-48 hours and has limited sensitivity if obtained during antibiotic treatment of the(More)
The development of a vaccine against malaria has public health priority. In a controlled setting, preliminary data on the efficacy of Plasmodium falciparum vaccine candidates can be obtained by exposing immunized human volunteers to the bites of laboratory-reared P. falciparum-infected mosquitoes. Using empirical data, we show that these trials, with small(More)
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