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Deploying a large-scale distributed ecosystem such as HBase/Hadoop in the cloud is complicated and error-prone. Multiple layers of largely independently evolving software are deployed across distributed nodes on third party infrastructures. In addition to software incompatibility and typical misconfiguration within each layer, many subtle and hard to(More)
At the RELENG 2014 Q&A, the question was asked, "What is your greatest concern?" and the response was "someone subverting our deployment pipeline". That is the motivation for this paper. We explore what it means to subvert a pipeline and provide several different scenarios of subversion. We then focus on the issue of securing a pipeline. As a result, we(More)
When monitoring complex applications in cloud systems, a difficult problem for operators is receiving false positive alarms. This becomes worse when the system is sporadically being changed and upgraded due to the emerging continuous deployment practice. Other legitimate but sporadic maintenance operations, such as log compression, garbage collection and(More)
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