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****Ayus – duration of life, long life (Sanskrit); Vedas – science of life, knowledge (the most sacred books of ancient Indian civilization); Ayurveda – knowledge of life is called “medicine of the God” for its divine origin SURGERY B.C.E.* Surgery** is a medical specialty that uses manual and instrumental techniques on a patient to investigate or treat a(More)
www�onk�ns�ac�rs/archive Vol 18, no� 4, december 2010 the ancient egyptians mentioned both benign and malignant tumors and tried to cure them, but surgical treatment really started at the time of galen� although cancer means crab in latin, this term actually generated from hippocrates who gave the name karkinoma to a group of diseases including cancer of(More)
Moebius syndrome is a rare nonprogressive congenital neurological disorder with a wide range of severity and variability of symptoms. This diversity is a consequence of dysfunction of different cranial nerves (most often facial and abducens nerves), accompanying orofacial abnormalities, musculoskeletal malformations, congenital cardiac diseases, as well as(More)
Blunt abdominal traumas constitute the largest portion of intra-abdominal injuries in children. According to their frequency, pancreatic injuries are in the fourth place behind the rupture of the spleen, liver and kidneys. Surgical treatment of minor pancreatic injury is well accepted in clinical practice. Treatment of severe injury with capsular, ductal(More)
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