Aníbal Bregón

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—This work is focused on structural approaches to studying diagnosability properties given a system model taking into account, both simultaneously or separately, integral and differential causal interpretations for differential constraints. We develop a model characterization and corresponding algorithms, for studying system diagnosability using a(More)
Accurate modeling mechanisms play an important role in model-based diagnosis, and the bond graph modeling language has proved to be helpful for this task. In this paper we present an algorithm for automatically derive ARR-like structures, possible conflicts, from the bond graph model of a system. The algorithm uses temporal causal graphs as an intermediate(More)
—Within systems health management, prognostics fo-cuses on predicting the remaining useful life of a system. In the model-based prognostics paradigm, physics-based models are constructed that describe the operation of a system and how it fails. Such approaches consist of an estimation phase, in which the health state of the system is first identified, and a(More)