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BGP, the de facto inter-domain routing protocol, is the core component of current Internet infrastructure. BGP traffic deserves thorough exploration, since abnormal BGP routing dynamics could impair global Internet connectivity and stability. In this paper, two methods, signature-based detection and statistics-based detection, are designed and implemented(More)
Storage system is the key component in big data. As data size grows, we need to scale storage system efficiently. Majority of today’s storage devices present a simple linear block address space to the operating system. This simplistic addressing scheme treats each block address as a generic bucket of opaque data. While this architecture allows the operating(More)
  • Amy Yen
  • 2006 8th International Conference on Solid-State…
  • 2006
This paper discusses the challenges, and issues that RF SOC facing regarding architecture, manufacture and design. To meet the challenge, silicon foundries have to provide more beyond design kits and manufacture services. The close cooperative of advanced semiconductor technology, design service, and advances in electronic design automation (EDA) becomes(More)
BACKGROUND Medical student assessment on core clerkship rotations is notoriously difficult. Most evaluation is subjective and may include significant bias. This study aims to determine the inter-rater reliability of an objective, standardised history and physical examination write-up assessment (HAPA) form. METHODS The HAPA form was used by two(More)
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