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Intimate partner violence (IPV) is a common problem, affecting large numbers of women, men, and children who present to primary care practices. It takes on many forms, including psychologic/emotional, physical, and sexual abuse, and its effects on the health of victims and their children are varied. Although many primary care physicians may be uncomfortable(More)
Numerous guidelines have been developed over the past decade regarding treatments for Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). However, given differences in guideline recommendations, some uncertainty exists regarding the selection of effective PTSD therapies. The current manuscript assessed the efficacy, comparative effectiveness, and adverse effects of(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate a collaborative depression care program by assessing adherence to the program by internal medicine clinic (IMC) staff, and the program's effectiveness in treating depression in patients with diabetes mellitus. We also describe the rate of depression among patients with diabetes in the IMC. DATA SOURCES Data for this program were(More)
  • Amy Weil
  • Journal of the American Psychoanalytic…
  • 1985
In this paper, I have presented the assumption that some symptom pictures such as attachment to pain, the masochistic character, the negative therapeutic reaction, a basic depressive response, and anhedonia are rooted in a prevalence of organismic distress during the symbiotic phase. Neuroscientists taught us that early experiences are associated with the(More)
The effect of anxiety on chronic pain is far less defined than the relationship with pain and depression. One study directly addressed the treatment of DSM-IV anxiety disorders and somatization in chronic pain patients. The study demonstrated that anxiety disorders are frequent in the general population and in primary care patients. Anxiety is defined as(More)
  • Amy Weil
  • Journal of the American Psychoanalytic…
  • 1978
Psychic issues may influence apparatus functioning, and thus may lead to maturational variations. However, in this papper I have emphasized the converse: the influence of maturational variations on psychic issues. I have singled out for discussion three areas of the originally autonomous sphere: perception, motility, and language. The variations on which I(More)
Over half of all antibiotics target the bacterial ribosome-nature's complex, 2.5 MDa nanomachine responsible for decoding mRNA and synthesizing proteins. Macrolide antibiotics, exemplified by erythromycin, bind the 50S subunit with nM affinity and inhibit protein synthesis by blocking the passage of nascent oligopeptides. Solithromycin (1), a(More)