Amy W Poret

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BACKGROUND Approximately 50% of patients diagnosed with major depressive disorder will experience a recurrent or chronic course of illness for which long-term treatment is recommended. Moreover, at least 20% of patients diagnosed with depression do not respond satisfactorily to several traditional antidepressant medication treatment trials. Very little is(More)
More intensive and/or frequent hemodialysis may provide clinical benefits to patients with end-stage renal disease; however, these dialysis treatments are more convenient to the patients if provided in their homes. Here we created a standardized model, based on a systematic review of available costing literature, to determine the economic viability of(More)
BACKGROUND Many patients discontinue antidepressant therapy long before the 6-month minimum duration recommended for the treatment of major depression and many other diagnoses. We explore various possibilities, including prescriber intent and patient diagnosis, to explain some of this early discontinuation. METHOD Patients from a single health maintenance(More)
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