Amy W. Davis

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Selective thermal emission from metal surfaces can be achieved through wavelength-scale patterning of the substrate. Here we demonstrate mid-infrared selective thermal emission from periodically patterned steel surfaces with selective emission enhancement at the selected wavelength of a factor of 2.6. This phenomenon is numerically modeled and the emission(More)
Patterned metal films have been shown to possess unique optical properties resulting from the excitation of surface plasmon polaritons at the patterned metal surface. Here we demonstrate spectrally selective thermal emission from patterned steel substrates. The materials and processes used in this work were chosen for their potential scalability to(More)
The change in exocrine mass is an important parameter to follow in experimental models of pancreatic injury and regeneration. However, at present, the quantitative assessment of exocrine content by histology is tedious and operator-dependent, requiring manual assessment of acinar area on serial pancreatic sections. In this study, we utilized a novel(More)
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