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Resource management is critical to the usability and accessibility of grid computing systems. Conventional approaches to grid resource discovery are either centralized or hierarchical, and these prove to be inefficient as the size of the grid system increases. The peer-to-peer (P2P) paradigm has been applied to grid systems as a mechanism for providing(More)
With the progress of research on cluster computing, more and more universities have begun to offer various courses covering cluster computing. A wide variety of content can be taught in these courses. Because of this, a difficulty that arises is the selection of appropriate course material. The selection is complicated by the fact that some content in(More)
The buffered message interface (BMI) of PVFSv2 is a low level network abstraction that allows PVFSv2 to operate on any protocol that has BMI support. This work presents a BMI module that supports the VIA over an early release version of InfiniBand and also over Myrinet. The baseline bandwidth and latency of the implementation were compared to the BMI(More)
Data is increasingly affecting the automotive industry, from vehicle development, to manufacturing and service processes, to online services centered around the connected vehicle. Connected, mobile and Internet of Things devices and machines generate immense amounts of sensor data. The ability to process and analyze this data to extract insights and(More)
The network performance of virtual machines plays a critical role in Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), and several technologies have been developed to address hardware-level virtualization shortcomings. Recent advances in operating system level virtualization and deployment platforms such as Docker have made containers an ideal candidate for high(More)
Parallel file systems are significant challenges for high performance data-intensive system designers due to their complexity. Being able to study features and designs before building the actual system is an advantage that a simulation model can offer. This paper presents a detailed simulation-based performance model of the PVFS parallel file system. The(More)
Software-defined networking combined with distributed and parallel applications has the potential to deliver optimized application performance at runtime. In order to investigate this enhancement and design future implementation, a datacenter with a programmable topology integrated with application state is needed. Towards this goal, we introduce the Flow(More)