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Protected areas (PAs) are a cornerstone of conservation efforts and now cover nearly 13% of the world's land surface, with the world's governments committed to expand this to 17%. However, as biodiversity continues to decline, the effectiveness of PAs in reducing the extinction risk of species remains largely untested. We analyzed PA coverage and trends in(More)
  • ON Si, Fe Ni, +41 authors Benedict G F
  • 2007
We present a model atmosphere analysis of most known hot helium–rich white dwarfs of spectral type DO. The stars represent the non–DA white dwarf cooling sequence from the hot end (Teff 120 000 K) down to the DB gap (Teff 45 000 K). From medium resolution optical spectra, effective temperatures, surface gravities, and element abundances are determined by(More)
Conservation actions, such as habitat protection, attempt to halt the loss of threatened species and help their populations recover. The efficiency and the effectiveness of actions have been examined individually. However, conservation actions generally occur simultaneously, so the full suite of implemented conservation actions should be assessed. We used(More)
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