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Vocal reactions to child transgressions convey information about the nature of those transgressions. The current research investigated children's ability to make use of such vocal reactions. Study 1 investigated infants' compliance with a vocal prohibition telling them to stay away from a toy. Compared to younger infants, older infants showed greater(More)
Cholinergic axons originating from the septum form a characteristic layer of preterminal axons and apparent termination in the molecular layer of the hippocampal dentate gyrus. The present study explored the specificity of this characteristic axonal pattern, through the use of organotypic slice co-cultures. Slices of hippocampus were co-cultured with a(More)
Augmented Reality technology approach has been being adopted within the education sector. The advanced technology tools in many classes have the potential changed of users' attitudes toward the pedagogical and psychological objectives and goals. Moreover, augmented reality has not elicited so much attention within the corridors of education sector as it is(More)
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