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A screen for regulators of survival of motor neuron protein levels.
An image-based screen of annotated chemical libraries was executed and it was particularly notable that GSK-3 chemical inhibitors were also effective in motor neurons, not only in elevating SMN levels, but also in blocking the death that was produced when SMN was acutely reduced by an SMN-specific shRNA. Expand
Akt1 interacts with epidermal growth factor receptors and hedgehog signaling to increase stem/transit amplifying cells in the embryonic mouse cortex
The contributions of signaling via epidermal growth factor and hedgehog receptors are addressed and it is suggested that a subset of precursors in the embryonic cortex that express an elevated level of Akt1 can respond to lower concentrations of Shh than neighboring precursor, resulting in an increase in their expression of EGFRs. Expand
The Thermo Scientific Nunclon Sphera surface supports formation of embryoid bodies from pluripotent stem cells
Keeping stem cells in an undifferentiated state is important for expansion and maintenance. However studying the process that stem cells follow to become body tissues requires them to differentiate.Expand