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Fischer 344 rats were exposed by inhalation to Sb2O3 (antimony trioxide) dust at exposure levels of 0, 0.25, 1.08, 4.92, and 23.46 mg/m3 for 6 hr/day, 5 days/week for 13 weeks followed by a 27-week observation period. Subsequently, an inhalation oncogenicity study was conducted at exposure levels of 0, 0.06, 0.51, and 4.50 mg/m3 for 12 months followed by a(More)
We searched for possible immunogenetic markers in steroid-responsive nephrotic syndrome of childhood (SRNS). The incidence of HLA-DRw7 was significantly greater in SRNS patients than in controls (71% in patients, 29.8% in controls, P < 0.005). The HLA-A and -B locus antigens occurred in normal frequencies. The relative risk factor for HLA-DRw7 in SRNS was(More)
The purpose of this work was to determine the temporal origins of the standard deviation of successive 5-min mean heart period sequences (SDANN) and the power of the ultralow-frequency (ULF) spectral band (< 0.0033 Hz). We hypothesized that SDANN and ULF might have their origins in changes in human activity rather than slow oscillatory rhythms. Heart period(More)
Multicriteria decision analysis (MCDA) provides a well-established family of decision tools to aid stakeholder groups in arriving at collective decisions. MCDA can also function as a framework for the social learning process, serving as an educational aid in decision problems characterized by a high level of public participation. In this paper, the(More)
The present study examined whether exercise duration was associated with elevated and/or sustained elevations of postexercise adenosine 3',5'-cyclic monophosphate (cAMP) by measuring cAMP levels in skeletal muscle for up to 4 h after acute exercise bouts of durations that are known to either produce (60 min) or not produce (10 min) mitochondrial(More)
The leaders who guide health organizations into formal and informal alliances must serve their own organizations while meeting the demands of a larger environment. Those who recognize the need for change in leadership style are most likely to help their organizations to maintain their strengths within new structures. The authors examine several theories of(More)