Amy Shanafelt

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Angiogenesis is a critical component of tumor biology. In recent years newer techniques of cell and molecular biology have led to important advances in our understanding of this process. The regulation of angiogenesis depends on a balance between the activity of local factors that promote (angiogenic factors) or inhibit (angiostatic factors)(More)
The lymphocyte cell-surface Ag CD38 catabolizes NAD to adenosine 5' diphosphoribose (ADPR) and cyclic ADPR (cADPR). We show here that the soluble extracellular domain of CD38 (sCD38) mediates ADP ribosylation of several proteins. This was demonstrated by mass spectrometric analyses which revealed the addition of mass in units of 541.1 Da to these proteins,(More)
BACKGROUND We sought to determine if perceived barriers, benefits, and modifiable behaviors support or interfere with breakfast consumption in a racially and economically diverse rural high school population. METHODS The participants were 832 Minnesota adolescents from 16 rural high schools. We used baseline data from a group randomized trial aimed at(More)
High school students in the United States are known to be frequent skippers of breakfast. Social support is one key element needed to encourage adolescents to consume school breakfast. This article presents an analysis of the influence of a school policy and environment change intervention on the social support of adolescents to eat breakfast. METHOD The(More)
BACKGROUND Little is known about adolescents' food purchasing behaviors in rural areas. This study examined whether purchasing food at stores/restaurants around schools was related to adolescents' participation in school breakfast programs and overall diet in rural Minnesota. METHODS Breakfast-skippers enrolled in a group-randomized intervention in 2014(More)
OBJECTIVE Although existing evidence links breakfast frequency to better dietary quality, little is known specifically in regard to the benefits associated with eating breakfast together with one's family. The present study describes the prevalence and experience of having family meals at breakfast among rural families and examines associations between meal(More)
Despite intense nationwide efforts to improve healthy eating and physical activity across the lifespan, progress has plateaued. Moreover, health inequities remain. Frameworks that integrate research, clinical practice, policy, and community resources to address weight-related behaviors are needed. Implementation and evaluation of integration efforts also(More)
BACKGROUND Food-insecure (FIS) adolescents struggle in school and with health and mental health more often than food-secure (FS) adolescents. Rural communities experience important disparities in health, but little is known about rural FIS adolescents. This study aims to describe select characteristics of rural adolescents by food-security status. METHODS(More)
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