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Mercury (Hg) is a globally distributed environmental contaminant with a variety of deleterious effects in fish, wildlife, and humans. Breeding songbirds may be useful sentinels for Hg across diverse habitats because they can be effectively sampled, have well-defined and small territories, and can integrate pollutant exposure over time and space. We analyzed(More)
Siefert, A. (Corresponding author, asiefert@syr.edu), Ravenscroft, C. (chravens@syr.edu),Althoff, D. (dmalthof@syr.edu), Carter, B.E. (becarter@syr.edu), Glennon, K.L. (klglennon@gmail.com), Heberling, J.M. (jmheberl@syr.edu), Jo, I.S. (ijo@syr.edu), Pontes, A. (awpontes@syr.edu), Sauer, A. (aksauer@syr.edu),Willis, A. (adwillis@syr. edu) & Fridley, J.D.(More)
This work focused on evaluating the effects of UHT sterilization and in-container retorting on the stability and physical properties of micellar casein concentrates (MCC). The study was performed on MCC obtained by membrane separation, with casein concentrations between 5 and 10%. The UHT and retorting regimens were designed to achieve the same microbial(More)
The increased interest in using micellar casein concentrates (MCC) obtained by microfiltration in the manufacture of shelf-stable high-protein beverages creates a need to understand the effect of sterilization treatments on the stability of this ingredient. The goals of this work were to (1) elucidate the effects of pH and heat treatment temperatures in the(More)
Pulsed light (PL) treatment has been viewed as an alternative to thermal treatments for the inactivation of pathogenic and spoilage microorganisms in recent years. The objectives of this study were to quantify the effectiveness of PL on inactivating Escherichia coli in cow milk and to evaluate the effect of total solids and fat content on inactivation.(More)
BACKGROUND For an adequate speech production after tracheostomy patients are dependant on a temporary closure of the stoma. This closure can either be done manually or by the use of various tracheostoma valves. The tracheostomy-sphincter procedure, which is introduced in this case, allows the voluntary constriction of the stoma. METHODS This case(More)
The use of casein preparations obtained by membrane separation is receiving increasing interest from the dairy and food industry. The objective of this work was to generate information about the steady shear rheological properties of micellar casein concentrates (MCC) and the effect of composition, temperature, and shear rate on these properties. Micellar(More)
  • Amy Sauer
  • Theoretical and Applied Genetics
  • 1970
The frequencies of telomers were counted in chromosomes 3L and 3R in several strains of Drosophila melanogaster kept under different selection pressures for many generations. Observed frequencies were in most cases in good agreement with frequencies expected from Hardy-Weinberg-equilibria. Mode and direction of selection affected the frequencies of telomers(More)
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