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BACKGROUND Although there is a national curriculum for art education in the UK there are also alternative approaches in the private sector. This paper addresses the issue of the effect of these approaches on children's drawing ability. AIM To compare the drawing ability in three drawing tasks of children in Steiner, Montessori and traditional schools. (More)
The intravenous drug use behaviour and HIV risk reduction strategies used by a group of Scottish inmates prior to prison, during imprisonment and as expected after release was investigated. From a sample of 559 inmates (480 males and 79 females) 27.5% were involved in IVDU prior to imprisonment, 7.7% on at least one occasion during a period of imprisonment(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the prevalence of post-trauma psychological problems among a cohort of male accident and emergency department patients admitted to hospital. To identify the changes in their psychological symptoms over an 18 month follow up period. METHODS A prospective cohort study of male accident and emergency department patients who were(More)
OBJECTIVES To identify predictors of psychological morbidity among injured patients admitted to an Emergency Department (ED). DESIGN A prospective cohort study. PARTICIPANTS Participants were consecutive male ED attenders. 210 (97.7%) patients consented to participate. At one month, 128 (61.0%) responded, at six months, 114 (54.3%), at eighteen months(More)
Post-traumatic stress, depression and anxiety symptoms are common outcomes following earthquakes, and may persist for months and years. This study systematically examined the impact of neighbourhood damage exposure and average household income on psychological distress and functioning in 600 residents of Christchurch, New Zealand, 4-6 months after the fatal(More)
Twenty three adults and twenty children with haemophilia, all on self-treatment, participated in the present study. They were interviewed as to how they perceive the effects of self-treatment upon various aspects of their life. It was found that the ability to treat themselves was perceived by patients as a great improvement over their previous treatment(More)
The sexual behaviour and intravenous drug use (IVDU) of a sample of 559 inmates (480 males and 79 females) was investigated. Sexual behaviour and IVDU prior to imprisonment, during imprisonment, and that expected after release, was assessed. Alterations in sexual behaviour as a means of HIV risk reduction was also assessed in relation to IVDU status. Prior(More)