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The Latin Sexual Vocabulary
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The Garden of Priapus: Sexuality and Aggression in Roman Humor
Statues of the god Priapus stood in Roman gardens to warn potential thieves that the god would rape them if they attempted to steal from him. Amy Richlin argues that the attitude of sexualExpand
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Gender and rhetoric: producing manhood in the schools
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Rome and the Mysterious Orient: Three Plays by Plautus
List of Illustrations Acknowledgments Introduction Why this book Why translate this way Conventions of reference and abbreviations How these plays got from Plautus to us Other translations HistoricalExpand
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Sex in the Satyrica
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The Meaning of Irrumare in Catullus and Martial
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Pornography and representation in Greece and Rome
This collection of essays represents one of the very few large-scale applications of feminist theory to Greco-Roman antiquity. It is unusual in that texts and works of art are considered jointly. TheExpand
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Arguments with Silence: Writing the History of Roman Women
Women in ancient Rome challenge the historian. Widely represented in literature and art, they rarely speak for themselves. Amy Richlin, among the foremost pioneers in ancient studies, gives voice toExpand
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