Amy R. Kelley

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Cellular senescence, the limited ability of cultured normal cells to divide, can result from cellular damage triggered through oncogene activation (premature senescence) or the loss of telomeres following successive rounds of DNA replication (replicative senescence). Although both processes require a functional p53 signaling pathway, relevant downstream p53(More)
BACKGROUND Bullying in childhood is ubiquitous and associated with a number of identified negative outcomes in both childhood and adulthood. However, the relationship between being bullied in childhood and religious/spiritual status in adulthood has never been explored. METHOD Using a cross-sectional sample of 324 consecutive internal medicine outpatients(More)
The relationship between forgiveness and borderline personality symptomatology has been rarely studied. Using a consecutive cross-sectional sample of 307 internal medicine outpatients and a survey methodology, we examined correlations between the Forgiveness Scale and borderline personality symptomatology as measured by the borderline personality disorder(More)
OBJECTIVE This study was designed to assess religion/spirituality (RS) status over the preceding 12 months in relationship to borderline personality symptomatology status. METHODS Using a cross-sectional consecutive sample of internal medicine outpatients and a self-report survey methodology, we examined RS using the 12-item Functional Assessment of(More)
The relationship between abuse in childhood and religiosity/spirituality status in adulthood has been previously studied, but not in a medical sample or with the current study measure. Using a cross-sectional consecutive sample of 317 internal medicine outpatients, we asked participants, “As a child, were you the victim of either physical or sexual abuse?,”(More)
Relationships between parental caretaking quality in childhood and religiosity/spirituality in adulthood, which are the focus of the present study, have undergone limited study. Using a cross-sectional sample of consecutive internal medicine outpatients, we examined in 308 participants three aspects of their parenting experience (i.e., number of different(More)
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