Amy Prendergast

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The possession of some HLA class I molecules is associated with delayed progression to AIDS. The mechanism behind this beneficial effect is unclear. We tested the idea that cytotoxic T-cell responses restricted by advantageous HLA class I molecules impose stronger selection pressures than those restricted by other HLA class I alleles. As a measure of the(More)
Recent centuries provide no precedent for the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, either on the coasts it devastated or within its source area. The tsunami claimed nearly all of its victims on shores that had gone 200 years or more without a tsunami disaster. The associated earthquake of magnitude 9.2 defied a Sumatra–Andaman catalogue that contains no(More)
Background The majority of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)infected infants in the developing world progress to AIDS or death within the first year of life. Although a small minority become slow-progressors, the determinants of slow-progression remain to be elucidated. In this context the interactions between the characteristics of the maternal virus(More)
Background CD4 cell depletion is central to HIV pathogenesis. However, CD4 cells present diverse lineages and the relative impact of HIV on Th17 and regulatory T cell (Treg) subsets remains unclear. CD161+ CD4 cells are a recently identified, gut-homing population with Th17 precursor potential. The balance between pro-inflammatory Th17 cells and(More)
Methods We studied two MSM with a history of HIV-1 infection by a third party on 21/7/04 and presenting with symptoms of seroconversion 35 and 42 days later. Samples of plasma from both recipients were taken at presentation and after 24 weeks. No samples were available from the donor. Viral sequences of gag (P24 aa 20–231), RT (aa 32–293) and env were(More)
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