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Recent evidence suggests that a network of brain areas may be involved in visually guided walking. Here we study patients with Parkinson's disease (PD) who experience 'freezing' behaviour to investigate the visual control of locomotion and the role of the basal ganglia in this system. We use a variable-width doorway to measure the scaling of motor output to(More)
Freezing of gait in Parkinson's disease can be difficult to study in the laboratory. Here we investigate the use of a variable-width doorway to provoke freeze behavior together with new objective methods to measure it. With this approach we compare the effects of anti-parkinsonian treatments (medications and deep-brain stimulation of the subthalamic(More)
Interspecies somatic cell nuclear transfer (iSCNT) involves the transfer of a nucleus or cell from one species into the cytoplasm of an enucleated oocyte from another. Once activated, reconstructed oocytes can be cultured in vitro to blastocyst, the final stage of preimplantation development. However, they often arrest during the early stages of(More)
Ever needed an alert on SASWORK storage usage at 80 percent? Or known when a SAS® user account has been locked out due to failed login attempts? Or understand the memory and swap usage of a computer hosting the SAS Stored Process Server? What if you could see a complete listing of process resource consumption for all physical machines hosting a given SAS(More)
Children with developmental disabilities may engage in less frequent and more repetitious language than peers with typical development. Scripts have been used to increase communication by teaching one or more specific statements and then fading the scripts. In the current study, preschoolers with developmental disabilities experienced a novel script-frame(More)
While Alexander technique (AT) teachers have been reported to stand up by shifting weight gradually as they incline the trunk forward, healthy untrained (HU) adults appear unable to rise in this way. This study examines the hypothesis that HU have difficulty rising smoothly, and that this difficulty relates to reported differences in postural stiffness(More)
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