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It is well known that women are significantly underrepresented in scientific fields in the United States, and computer science is no exception. As of 1987- 1988, women constituted slightly more than half of the U.S. population and 45% of employed workers in the U.S., but they made up only 30% of employed computer scientists. Moreover, they constituted only(More)
Sun's Link Service, a product shipped with Sun's programming in the large software development environment, the Network Software Environment, allows users to make and maintain explicit and persistent bidirectional relationships between autonomous front end applications. The Link Service defines a protocol for an extensible and loosely coupled, or(More)
Desktop computers are increasingly used as communications devices. Advances in digital media are making the integration of video into desktop computers practical, both technically and economically. At the convergence of these technologies is computer-integrated desktop video conferencing. This paper discusses the requirements of integrated desktop video(More)
In a group of 40 high school athletes (height: 166.37 to 189.57 cm, average, 174.40 cm; neck circumference: 35.56 to 41.91 cm, average, 39.12 cm), the neck motions were studied in flexion and extension, clinically, radiographically, and cineoradiographically. Flexion ranged from 34 to 84 degrees (average 72 degrees) and extension from 21 to 64 degrees(More)
Adenoidectomy has been demonstrated in randomized controlled studies to be effective in the prevention of otitis media with effusion (OME). Despite an apparent lack of correlation between adenoid size and outcome, it has been suggested that the role of adenoid tissue in the pathophysiology of OME relates either to obstruction of the Eustachian tube (ET)(More)
  • A J Pearl
  • 1981
The chronic form of the anterior compartment syndrome can be overlooked if the symptoms of leg pain are attributed to shin splints. Herein is presented a case report which I feel represents an acute exacerbation of the chronic form of anterior compartment syndrome in a long-distance runner secondary to bleeding into the extensor digitorum longus muscle.(More)
A retrospective review of adenoidectomies was carried out at the Montreal Children's Hospital, Montreal, Quebec. From April 1, 1990, to November 14, 1992, the senior author (JJM) was involved in 330 adenoidectomies with or without concurrent tonsillectomy or pressure equalization tube (PET) insertion. In all cases, adenoid surgery was performed with proper(More)