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Feedback is an important component of the design process, but gaining access to high-quality critique outside a classroom or firm is challenging. We present CrowdCrit, a web-based system that allows designers to receive design critiques from non-expert crowd workers. We evaluated CrowdCrit in three studies focusing on the designer's experience and benefits(More)
Increasingly, authors are publishing long informational talks, lectures, and distance-learning videos online. However, it is difficult to browse and skim the content of such videos using current timeline-based video players. Video digests are a new format for informational videos that afford browsing and skimming by segmenting videos into a chapter/section(More)
People who create visual designs often struggle to find high-quality critique outside a firm or classroom, and current online feedback solutions are limited. We created a system called CrowdCrit which leverages paid crowdsourcing to generate and visualize high-quality visual design critique. Our work extends prior crowd feedback research by focusing on(More)
Searching for scenes in movies is a time-consuming but crucial task for film studies scholars, film professionals, and new media artists. In pilot interviews we have found that such users search for a wide variety of clips---e.g., actions, props, dialogue phrases, character performances, locations---and they return to particular scenes they have seen in the(More)
Many people rely on Web-based tutorials to learn how to use complex software. Yet, it remains difficult for users to systematically explore the set of tutorials available online. We present Sifter, an interface for browsing, comparing and analyzing large collections of image manipulation tutorials based on their command-level structure. Sifter first applies(More)
Video production is a collaborative process in which stakeholders regularly review drafts of the edited video to indicate problems and offer suggestions for improvement. Although practitioners prefer in-person feedback, most reviews are conducted asynchronously via email due to scheduling and location constraints. The use of this impoverished medium is(More)
Seeds of Triticum aestivum having an uniform genophond have been exposed to a microwave flow, with a frequency of 9.75 GHz and a low intensity. The effects of microwaves at various doses on mitotic activity have been followed. Our results show that as compared to the controls different types of chromosomal aberrations appeared: delayed chromosomes,(More)
The results of a pluridisciplinary epidemiological study carried out on a series of 225 adults from rural areas, in whom the prevalence of arterial hypertension disease (AHTD) and borderline (AHTB) was of 19.0% and 14.4%, respectively, are presented. In 19.0% of the carriers of over five associated risk factors for cardiovascular disease, the classical(More)
It was accomplished a study on the influence of a petroleum magnetic liquid upon two plant species of pharmaceutical interest: Papaver somniferum L. and Chelidonium majus L. Experimental observation aimed: callus accumulation, seed germination, mitotic index and fluorescence of the photosynthesis pigments. The plant samples were taken from in vitro cultures(More)