Amy Olszewski

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Gaze processing deficits are a seminal, early, and enduring behavioral deficit in autism spectrum disorder (ASD); however, a comprehensive characterization of the neural processes mediating abnormal gaze processing in ASD has yet to be conducted. This study investigated whole-brain patterns of neural synchrony during passive viewing of direct and averted(More)
AIMS To determine whether baseline levels of self-reported sleep and sleep problems among obese adolescents referred to an outpatient multidisciplinary family-based weight management program predict reduction in BMI 3 months later. METHODS A retrospective medical chart review was conducted for 83 obese adolescents. The following baseline variables were(More)
This study investigates the functional connectivity of neuronal networks critical for working memory in individuals with dyslexia by means of magnetoenchephalographic (MEG) coherence imaging. Individuals with dyslexia showed an early onset of activation in anterior cortical regions (precentral gyrus and the superior frontal gyrus), which differed from(More)
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