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Multiple Dimensions of Private Information: Evidence from the Long-Term Care Insurance Market.
We demonstrate the existence of multiple dimensions of private information in the long-term care insurance market. Two types of people purchase insurance: individuals with private information thatExpand
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The Oregon experiment--effects of Medicaid on clinical outcomes.
BACKGROUND Despite the imminent expansion of Medicaid coverage for low-income adults, the effects of expanding coverage are unclear. The 2008 Medicaid expansion in Oregon based on lottery drawingsExpand
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Estimating Welfare in Insurance Markets Using Variation in Prices
We provide a graphical illustration of how standard consumer and producer theory can be used to quantify the welfare loss associated with inefficient pricing in insurance markets with selection. WeExpand
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Selection on Moral Hazard in Health Insurance
We use employee-level panel data from a single firm to explore the possibility that individuals may select insurance coverage in part based on their anticipated behavioral ("moral hazard") responseExpand
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Income and Health Spending: Evidence from Oil Price Shocks
Health expenditures as a share of GDP in the United States have more than tripled over the past half-century. A common conjecture is that this is a consequence of rising income. We investigate thisExpand
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Beyond Testing: Empirical Models of Insurance Markets
We describe recent advances in the empirical analysis of insurance markets. This new research proposes ways to estimate individual demand for insurance and the relationship between prices and insurerExpand
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Selection Effects in the United Kingdom Individual Annuities Market
This paper explores adverse selection in the voluntary and compulsory individual annuity markets in the United Kingdom. Two empirical regularities support standard models of adverse selection. First,Expand
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Sources of Geographic Variation in Health Care: Evidence from Patient Migration
We study the drivers of geographic variation in US health care utilization, using an empirical strategy that exploits migration of Medicare patients to separate the role of demand and supply factors.Expand
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Adverse Selection in Insurance Markets: Policyholder Evidence from the U.K. Annuity Market
We use a unique data set of annuities in the United Kingdom to test for adverse selection. We find systematic relationships between ex post mortality and annuity characteristics, such as the timingExpand
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E-Ztax: Tax Salience and Tax Rates
This paper tests the hypothesis that the salience of a tax system affects equilibrium tax rates. To do this, I analyze how toll rates change after toll facilities adopt electronic toll collection.Expand
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