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The operation Agree may be decomposed into three more primitive steps: Search: A probe initiates a search for an element with matching features (a goal). Copy: Features are copied from the goal to the probe. Valuation: The probe's features are valued, and the search is halted. The usual assumption is that the features involved in each step are the same. I(More)
This paper analyzes the economic and technical potential for grid-­‐connected solar PV in Kenya. A unit commitment model is used to evaluate the feasibility of grid-­‐ connected solar PV under different price and hydrological conditions in the years 2012 and 2017. In the model, Kenya's extensive reservoir hydro system compensates for daily and seasonal(More)
Research on the effects of adolescent employment on primarily middle-class youth suggests that intense employment, working more than 15 or 20 hours during the school year, is associated with increased participation in risky behavior. Despite these findings, scholars who focus on the development of youth living in low-income urban areas often hypothesize(More)
The eukaryotic protein post-translational modification by SUMOylation is involved in a diverse array of cellular processes, including various stress responses. A fully functional SUMOylation system is present in the unicellular green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, and SUMOylation of multiple high molecular weight proteins is induced in response to abiotic(More)
(1) The cats slept. £sleep´ι £ catµ (2) The (two) leaders are gathering today. gather´ι £ leaderµ ¯ The standard theory (3) Number morphology on N is semantically interpreted. It corresponds to * applied to some constituent within the nominal. (4) Number morphology on V is not semantically interpreted. Consequence: plural verb morphology does not correspond(More)
Localized adverse events, including natural hazards, epidemiological events, and human conflict, underscore the criticality of quantifying and mapping current population. Building on the spatial interpolation technique previously developed for high-resolution population distribution data (LandScan Global and LandScan USA), we have constructed an empirically(More)