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Following the introduction of the 1990 contract for general practitioners and the new postgraduate education allowance, the Northern Ireland Continuing Medical Education Group, comprising the clinical tutors from four Belfast hospitals and members of the University department of general practice, was established to provide high quality co-ordinated(More)
Many changes and advances have taken place in medicine from 1948, the beginning of the National Health Service, to the present time. One of the most noteworthy is in training for general practice and in particular how general practice has met this challenge. In 1911 Sir William Osler in a letter to Ira Remsen, President of the Johns Hopkins University, said(More)
The introduction of Modernising Medical Careers (MMC) and the regulatory framework being implemented by the new Postgraduate Medical Education and Training Board (PMETB) will bring about major changes for all doctors in training, not least in general practice (GP). As there has been longstanding criticism of elements of the GP training programme, which has(More)
The Office of Graduate Studies has verified and approved the above named committee members. ii For Caitlin and Kristen iii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Duc de la Rochefoucauld wrote in 1678 that " In most of mankind gratitude is merely a secret hope for greater favors, " but I can think of no greater favor than the support my family, friends, and professors have given(More)
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